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Unlock the power of AI to boost your exam preparation. From comprehensive notes and questions to instant feedback on your written answers, we've got everything you need to succeed.

* Score & Feedback Feature Coming Soon in Early Access

Why Choose Our App?

Comprehensive Notes

Easy-to-read study materials available in English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada to help you understand topics deeply.

Practice Questions

Test your knowledge with our wide range of questions and get ready for your exams.

Audio Learning

Learn on the go with our audio format for all notes and questions. Great for auditory learners! (Coming Soon)

Languages We Support

Our study materials are accessible in English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada.

Get AI-Powered Feedback on Your Written Answers *

Step 1: Upload Your Answers

Submit your written answers in PDF or image format. Our AI starts analyzing right away!

Step 2: Receive Instant Scores and Feedback

Get immediate insights into your performance. Find out where you did well and what needs improvement.

Step 3: Track Your Progress Over Time

Re-submit your improved answers to see how you’ve progressed. Compare your latest scores with previous ones to measure your growth.

* This feature is under development and will be available soon.

Coming Soon

We're constantly working to make our app better. Stay tuned for instant feedback features on your written answers.

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